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We build web apps, native apps, mobile apps, portals, and integrations with just about anything. Salesforce Development »


Problems aren't always what they seem. We dive to the root of the issue and determine the best way to take it on. Salesforce Consulting »


Why hire a full-time Administrator that you really only need once in a while? Let us fill those shoes in a few hours a month. Salesforce Administration »

Experienced, real people providing Salesforce development services and more.


We help organizations implement and extend it with custom apps and integrations. We balance our inner nerd with close attention to your needs. Our staff is well versed in numerous technology platforms and development techniques. We speak fluent code.


Your business is unique. We believe the best project approach is the one that everyone actually uses — not a prescribed methodology, but a solution tailored to your specific needs. We use the right tool for the job when approaching a challenge.


Red Argyle was founded by Tom Patros in 2010 as an information management company. Garry Polmateer partnered with Tom in 2011 and the company was reformed as a boutique development and consulting shop specializing in the Salesforce Platform.

becca patros
becca patros
Finance & HR Manager
shane kenyon
shane kenyon
grant larsen
grant larsen
Junior Developer
ben vogler
ben vogler
Junior Developer
Gideon Girigiri
Gideon Girigiri
Junior Developer
Chris Teague
Chris Teague
Junior Consultant
Nathan Stevens
Nathan Stevens
Darius Kimbrough
Darius Kimbrough

Our Partners

Red Argyle is proud to be aConga Alliance Partner!

Our experienced staff can help your organization deliver superior reports or documents to meet your business needs. No matter how complex the situation, we are here to offer knowledge and value for each project. As a Conga Alliance Partner, our main goal is to provide you with a solution that is easy to customize and moves your business forward.

Learn more about our Conga services.

Case Study

Conga and Red Argyle reduce purchase orders from days to minutes »

let's work together

See how Red Argyle can help deliver tailored Conga goodness to your organization.


Take your cloud application to the next level

Our experienced developers can help you design and deploy web applications for your organization. This allows you to focus on managing your business, without having to worry about a bunch of servers, deployments, or scalability issues. With Heroku, we can deploy your apps quickly and easily, providing you with options that work for your business.

At Red Argyle we firmly believe in Heroku's capabilities and direction. We have committed to running all of our applications on the platform. Not sure what Heroku is? No problem, we would love to talk to you about expanding your business applications.

let's work together

See how Red Argyle can help deliver tailored Heroku goodness to your organization!


Legally Binding electronic signatures

Adobe EchoSign allows you sign documents electronically. You’ll be able to create documents in Salesforce and immediately send them out for signatures. Let our developers work with you to discover how you can increase the efficiency of your business processes with electronic signatures.

let's work together

Get contracts signed faster with Adobe EchoSign!


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The first thing I used to think about when the term “marketing” is clickbait headlines. But the more I learn about Pardot, Salesforce’s marketing automation tool, the more I appreciate the fine line that companies have to walk in order to tell the world about their products without turning off their audience. When you think…


It’s been a running joke between Tom and I that when a client or prospect says something is “Pretty Straightforward”, it almost never is.  After mulling this over in my mind recently, I figured a blog was in order to share my thoughts as a business analyst and consultant on the topic, and hopefully help…


I recently had the pleasure of reading “Lightning Sales Ops” by Matt Bertuzzi.  The book is available on right here for UNDER A BUCK on Kindle. Or a printed copy for a reasonable $9.95 (at the time of this writing).  I’ll share my blunt feedback here: EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. I don’t care…

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