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GitHub Actions for Salesforce CI

In the first article of our three part series on GitHub, we provided an overview of the benefits of CI on Salesforce. As well as why we’re implementing our infrastructure with Github. This article will take a deeper dive into the features, lifecycle, and tools that we use for our pipeline.   We are a Salesforce Partner…

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The Co-Op Program at Red Argyle

You may have heard us say this before, but we consider every single employee who works for us an Argyler, no exceptions. Which means, every Co-Op is without a doubt, just a part of our culture and our brand as much as our full time employees are. We don’t consider Co-Ops temporary employees, because on…

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Salesforce Continuous Integration on Github

Salesforce Continuous Integration is an integral practice when keeping your Salesforce Applications up to date. It allows developers to work in the same place, regularly integrating their code changes in a code repository. One tool that can help streamline that process, is GitHub. Since its conception in 2008, GitHub has become the world’s largest open-source…

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