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Lindsey Kiefer

Lindsey Kiefer

Senior Consultant

With a degree in software and computer science and plenty of experience in customer service, Lindsey joined the Red Argyle team in February 2012. In her work as a developer, she writes code and plans and builds Salesforce integrations. She is also a pro at translating geek speak to everyday lingo and puts that skill to use bridging the language gap between clients and the development team. As a member of the Quality Assurance team, she ensures files are clean, documents are consistent, and all aspects of the agency’s work have been tested.


A pursuer of knowledge–and valuable plaques to hang on the wall–Lindsey’s on a mission to get just about every Salesforce certification there is. She’s already certified as a Salesforce Administrator and is working toward Developer and Project Management certification as well. Lindsey is a planner, an organizer, a doer–she makes a point of mastering a new programming language or technique every month.


When she doesn’t have her nose to the grindstone, Lindsey is often out playing or coaching volleyball. She also enjoys jamming on her bass, painting, drawing, and getting her hands dirty with an intense DIY or up-cycling project at home. And if you ever need a friend to go zip lining, try white water rafting, or get in on another adventure, Lindsey’s your gal.


Key Skills and Areas of Expertise

Front-end and Back-end Salesforce Development

Quality Assurance

Functional & Navigational Testing

Client Communications

Conga Composer Implementations


Salesforce Certifications