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Tom Patros

Tom Patros

Founder and CTO

As the founder of Red Argyle, Tom oversees the direction and long-term growth strategy of the company. He’s a technology innovator with experience in Apex, Visualforce, PHP, Microsoft .NET, and countless other platforms. Tom’s big on delivering results and challenges his team to knock it out of the park on every project. He envisions and designs the framework for custom-tailored solutions to client needs, then gives his team the tools and the inspiration to bring those deliverables to life.


“At Red Argyle we listen to each other. We approach projects as a team, brainstorming and creating solutions for our clients’ needs. Yes, we’re a Salesforce development and consulting shop, but what we really do is enable our clients to do their work better and interact with their clients more effectively by pushing Salesforce to do more.”

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