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Dreamforce Recap (Garry’s Take)

Sitting here at my desk, still trying to wake up.  Dreamforce came, we saw, we conquered.  Overall, the word of the day is:  WOW.

Generally speaking, the most exciting part was launching Red Argyle.  Not only did we launch Red Argyle, but we did it at the largest IT tradeshow IN THE WORLD.  Confirmed, 45,000 registered attendees made it so.

Personally, the most exciting part for me was being interviewed by Peter Coffee during the Wednesday Keynote pre-show, on the “Big Screen”.

So let’s get to the meat and potatoes, what happened at Dreamforce that matters TO YOU?  If I could sum it up on one word, it would be “Social”.  It was apparent that Salesforce is pushing heavily to get into the social space.  Their tagline “Welcome to the Social Enterprise” says it all.

I will be posting another blog post breaking down some of the new features, but in short Salesforce is enabling some deeply embedded social features into the platform.  A contact record will now have intrinsic links to Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.  The idea is to build a “Social Profile” for each customer, which in turn enables better marketing, sales, and service.

The tradeshow was busy as well with many new players being introduced.  We were excited to meet with some marketing, knowledge management, and security vendors that had some interesting products.

In addition to all that, there were some great after hours events and of course, a chance to see Metallica in their first ever corporate gig.  It was a total, absolute blast.

Now that we’re back, Tom and I are ready to dig in.  We’re armed with big ideas, new contacts, and the desire to push into something new and exciting.


  • Garry, great post. I look forward to seeing the "new stuff" breakdown. There were so many sessions and so many announcements. Seeing a consolidated list will really help to digest it all.

    Bummer we didn't run into each other. 🙁

    P.S. Love the Red Argyle logo. Simple, cool, current.