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Dropbox + Bookmarks = Sanity

We use Dropbox to store our “non-office” documents. Image files, PDFs, Omnigraffle diagrams, data downloads, and the like are a great fit for Dropbox’s powerful syncing and backup capabilities (it also helps keep them out of email inboxes).

However, one challenge we had in the past was aligning Google Docs, project websites (like Basecamp) and other apps with related assets that are stored in Dropbox. The old-school-yet-effective solution: bookmarks in a folder.

Here’s how we do it

1. Open the Dropbox folder on your machine (we organize our Dropbox folders to align with projects):


2. Navigate in your browser to the page / app / Google Doc you want to track alongside your Dropbox assets:


3. Click and drag the web page icon into your Dropbox folder:


4. Bask in the lo-fidelity organizational glory!

When you do this on a Mac, you will get a “.webloc” file in Dropbox. Double-clicking the file will open a browser and take you to the corresponding page (again, you can do this for anything that has a URL – Google Doc, web app, etc). The file will also sync to everyone else you’ve shared the Dropbox folder with, keeping your project team in sync and (hopefully) helping to end the “hey where did that thing go?” conversation.

We’re all Mac-folk here at Red Argyle, but I’m not sure if that same file format will work on a PC. If not, I suspect a similar format would result if you followed this same process.