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More Favorites from the Salesforce Summer ’15 Release Notes

The Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes are out! This is always an exciting time for us at Red Argyle as we review the release notes and discuss which features are our favorites and why they are so awesome. If you follow our blog, you know that people from our team have had plenty to say about the release notes already: Here’s a blog post from Ryan about code coverage on multiline statements, one from Mark about Process Builder enhancements, and another blog post from Matt that highlights 3 new updates that really caught his attention. Ready to hear from others at Red Argyle about the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes? Keep reading!


Release Notes Enhancements

My favorite Salesforce Summer ‘15 feature is an improvement to the release notes themselves! The release notes now have a search feature that allows you to quickly find feature updates that relate to you. The release notes are always intimidating, and a good chunk of the features don’t apply to my everyday work. With the new search feature, I can quickly get to the information that’s most important to me. You can search by Salesforce edition, feature impact, or product area.

Search Enhancements to the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes

Search Enhancements to the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes


Receive Debug Logs Predictably

System.debug is inarguably one of the most powerful weapons in a Salesforce developer’s arsenal. It’s one of the only ways we have to answer the question, “WTF is going on with this method?” And, frustratingly, in the past we’ve had to struggle with the question, “WTF is going on with my debug logs?” It looks like Salesforce might have given their developers a little relief this summer. With the release of Summer ’15, Salesforce is introducing a clear order of precedence used when processing debug levels. Many times I’ve lost time fighting with log levels trying to filter out the noise. Having a reliable method of filtering logs will be a huge help and time saver. Check out the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes here for details on the new debug precedence.

If you’ve read all our blog posts about favorite features announced in the Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Notes, let us know…did we miss a feature that you think is a real game changer? What features are going to have the most impact on your everyday Salesforce work? Is there a feature you’re still waiting on? Leave a comment below to let us know!