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Free Tools for Salesforce Admins

I’ve sat in my fair share of meetings to talk about processes, future state plans, and the current state of where things are in an organization. Most of the time I have had the privilege of understanding the process or being a part of it. But in my new role I’ve had to jump into many situations where everyone around me is very familiar with the process or application but me. In some instances we were only given an app and where it needs to be, but the process wasn’t fully defined. Given that Salesforce Admins are often thrown into many situations I wanted to share with you some free tools that will help you get what you need done. Oh and they are all free.

Let’s start by looking at Process documentation. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how complex a process is until you lay it all out in a flow diagram. To do that here the tools that can help you better document process flows-

  • Gliffy : This online process app is free for the first 5 diagrams (pricing: That maybe enough to get you through a project or give you an idea that it is or is not a program for you. I like the app, it helps me crank out nice diagrams and has a relatively short learning curve.
  • This tool promises many of the same features as Gliffy, but allows multiple users to collaborate on a flow chart- which could be good or bad depending on how much of a controlling personality you have.
  • Skitch: Recently acquired by Evernote Skitch is a great tool for Admins who need to annotate on photos or  drawings. Skitch is a available For Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows. Skitch is a great tool to help work through user page layouts.

Now, I’m sure your business probably uses Microsoft or something like it. But on occasion it might be necessary to spruce things up a bit. So here are a couple of helpful tools to make a nice presentation on the cheap.

  • Prezi: Prezi like Gliffy has some paid options if you like it. But the free plan let’s you create basic presentations (that are public) and gives you 100MB of storage space. One word of advice- don’t go crazy with the animation! Just because you can make it do something, doesn’t mean you should. But it’s a nice alternative to PowerPoint.

I want to end this post by asking you the question which was posed in an article on today – “Are you working on the right things?“. Now I can’t explicitly answer that question for you, but what I can give you is a tool to help you rescue your time. This free tool suggestion came from Garry who uses it to track his time online to be more productive.

  • RescueTime:  With RescueTime it helps you future out how you spend time on the computer. And just speaking for myself I know how easy it is to have a Salesforce tab, Facebook tab, and a few other tabs open.

So that is my list of free tools for salesforce admins. But I’d be curious to find out what free tools you use to make your day more productive. Write me a comment, or send out a tweet with the hashtag #redargyle (Tweet this)