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Leading with Love, Not Hate

Red Argyle’s values are being Transparent, Articulate, and Purposeful.

If we didn’t admit we could do better, we wouldn’t be transparent.

If we stayed silent on this issue, we wouldn’t be articulate.

If we pretended we ran our business in a vacuum outside of society, we wouldn’t be purposeful.

As the owners of Red Argyle, we are heartbroken about what is happening in America.  The events of the past week have illuminated how deep, how high, and how wide the problem of racism is in our country.  Black lives matter.  Justice and equality matter.  Everyone deserves the same chance to live a good life and feel safe.

The entire world is watching, stepping out, and speaking up. The more energy we can direct to cause, the greater the odds of an outcome that will make America, and the world, a better place.

Here’s what we plan on doing to help:

  • We’ve set aside and are sending donations to several equality and justice focused causes;
  • We’re matching staff’s donations to any equality or justice-focused organization two-to-one: for every dollar donated by our staff, we’ll donate two;
  • We’ll continue broadening our outreach and hiring practices to further increase staff diversity;
  • We’re encouraging our team to use their paid volunteer time to help with issues of equality and justice;
  • We’re going to keep listening;
  • We’re going to keep loving;

While our company may be named “Red Argyle”, we are comprised of Argylers of many colors.  

We are all Argylers, and Argylers lead with love, not hate.


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