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Matthew Allen Joins Red Argyle

Matt_HeadshotWe are excited to announce that Matthew Allen has joined the Red Argyle team as a Salesforce Developer! Matt has been working as a Salesforce Developer for four years now and is Salesforce Admin and Developer certified. Matt was a co-Salesforce Admin and sole Developer for 120 users in his previous position and is looking forward to more challenging development projects with Red Argyle. Matt has a broad base of experience and considers himself a generalist when it comes to computer programing.

Matt considers himself a geek, a gamer, a fisherman and a hunter. Matt has been developing on a myriad of operating systems and hardware platforms since the early days of the TI-99/4a. His technology interests have since shifted over to cloud based computing and Salesforce has fit right in. 

Please join me in welcoming Matt to our team!