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Now Offering: Scholarship Management

Red Argyle officially announced today our newest services offering – Scholarship Management. This marks a major milestone in our development as a company and the work that we offer. 

What is Scholarship Management?

Scholarship management software streamlines the application process for organizations that award scholarships. Automation functions in scholarship management software enable the collection of customized applications from candidates and assign them to the proper reviewers. By digitizing the process, these tools also reduce paperwork and allow for more frequent communication between applicants, administrators and reviewers. 

Scholarship Management built on Salesforce will help students in their pursuit of higher-level education. Red Argyle aims to take away the worry out of tech by solutioning Scholarship Engagement on the number one CRM platform in the world. We allow students, organizations, and partners to focus on what matters most to them, awarding students of their accomplishments. 

What are some things you can expect from our Scholarship Management Services? 

Collect – Define and gather the information from each applicant either online or from their mobile device.  

Review – Evaluate each applicant against your Custom Eligibility Calculator, then collaborate with reviewers to pick the perfect recipients.   

Manage – Communicate with colleges to manage payment eligibility, as well as disburse approved funds all from a single platform.

Support – Our Integrated help system allows your staff to efficiently answer questions, offer help or provide guidance to you applicants, recipients, or partners.  

Report – Sophisticated reporting and dashboards help your organization to see your data all in one place.

Red Argyle develops Scholarship Management Systems with flexibility and configuration in mind. In this example, a Salesforce Flow makes it easy to tailor the enrollment process to validate eligibility and produce the right data points for student engagement and reporting.

What We Build:

  1. Customized Student Portals – A place for students to update information and track their applications.
  2. Back Office Processing – Systems to tie students, schools, and application data together.
  3. Document Processing – Automations to quickly and efficiently keep track of all applications and information. 
  4. Security and Compliance – State of the art security and compliance measures to keep your student data private and safe.

Customer Use Case

Keeping track of student historical information can be a major pain point in Scholarship Management and ultimately will have an impact on determining eligibility for awards. An organization came to us recently with a use case expanding on the issue of tracking information.  In addition to tracking historical information, they wanted to provide visibility to their college partners on the company funds that had been awarded, and when payments had been mailed to them. 

Scholarship Management on the Salesforce Platform provides a comprehensive, secure experience for organizations to manage candidates, eligibility, and funding.

A current pain point was the slow payments to the colleges that could be months behind. Based on student information, colleges are now able to pull reports to determine who will be attending their school. HEDA was selected as the solution to build upon for their immediate requirements and future potential. At a high level what was needed was a schema that supported financial aid, scholarships, and payments. 

Students would also need to be tracked from kindergarten through graduation from a higher education institution. HEDA provided the objects that met their needs with the addition of only three custom objects. Of course, non-profit objects of Accounts, Contacts and Cases would be utilized, along with features such as Email-to-Case, Chatter and Reports. 

At Red Argyle, we are committed to delivering the best work possible. We also understand the importance of being flexible in the work we deliver. The software universe is ever so large and continues to change every day. We make sure we are changing with it. Keeping our eyes open and ears wide, we look to every opportunity to do good work regardless of if it’s something we’ve done a hundred times or never done before. With the introduction of Scholarship Services, we continue to stick to that ideology.