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Introducing Unify!: Low-Code, Flow-First Approach

Introducing Unify!: Red Argyle’s Low-Code, Flow-First Approach for Automations in your Salesforce Org Salesforce continues to double-down on Flow. The Summer ‘20 Release unlocks the latest, pivotal “After Save” Flow feature. With this latest feature, Flows now have parity with Process Builders, Workflows, and Apex Triggers. With this new parity, Flow can now live at…

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A Developer’s Brief: Summer ‘20 Release Notes

Welcome back to Red Argyle’s Developer Content Briefing.  We’re excited to take a closer look at this Summer’s fresh new items coming to our organizations this July! Similar to our Spring ‘20 briefing we will highlight the features updates related to core areas specifically relevant to Salesforce Development.  For this release, we will highlight:  CSS…

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SWARM: Put to Practice

Swarm Planning is both a daily and a bi-weekly activity at Red Argyle. We need this rigor to keep our customer goals aligned with the internal teams, who are working diligently to achieve them. For Swarm Planning to be successful, you need a few ingredients. People. The Right People. Our projects are led by Project…

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