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Salesforce Release Summer 21: Critical Updates

These are the first Salesforce release updates you’ll have already started encountering in your sandboxes. Disable Access to Non-global Apex Controller Methods in Managed Packages (Update, Enforced) When: April 4th rolled out to some sandboxes, enforced Summer ‘21 What’s Changing? Methods in managed Apex Classes that do not have the Global access modifier will…

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Digital Transformation: A Discussion With Red Argyle CGO Ron Willie and President Michele Nichols of Launch Team Inc.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to transform digitally.  The need to have employees, partners, and customers interact, do work, buy things, and service one another digitally has never been greater.   Besides getting the tech right, the success of any digital transformation initiative comes down to how well an organization and its people…

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A Discussion On Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms have been a game-changer when it comes to designing user-friendly page layouts. Learning how to use them and what the best practices are when implementing them, is an important part of being able to optimize your Salesforce org. It can sometimes be tricky to not only implement them but utilize them in the…

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