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SWARM: Put to Practice

Swarm Planning is both a daily and a bi-weekly activity at Red Argyle. We need this rigor to keep our customer goals aligned with the internal teams, who are working diligently to achieve them. For Swarm Planning to be successful, you need a few ingredients. People. The Right People. Our projects are led by Project…

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Leading with Love, Not Hate

Red Argyle’s values are being Transparent, Articulate, and Purposeful. If we didn’t admit we could do better, we wouldn’t be transparent. If we stayed silent on this issue, we wouldn’t be articulate. If we pretended we ran our business in a vacuum outside of society, we wouldn’t be purposeful. As the owners of Red Argyle,…

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And Now, We Swarm

The COVID-19 Pandemic gave me some time to reflect and adjust how we do work at Red Argyle. Over the past two months, we observed the tireless work of medical professionals, local governments, logistics and transportation companies, and essential workers at-large. I kept coming back to the same word over and over again: swarm. Bee…

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Presenting: Argylerandomageddonathon!

A few weeks ago, ESPN gave us all a weekend diversion in homage to, well, themselves, in the form of The Ocho. Fans of the cult-favorite movie Dodgeball will recall the reference as ESPN’s eight-times-over “Other” channel. True to form, ESPN momentarily rebranded themselves for a Saturday and showed the most random sports possible.  …

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Now What? Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get Back to Work

I sit on the board of a wonderful nonprofit called Causewave Community Partners. Causewave is a nonprofit for nonprofits, whose mission is to help other nonprofits meet their mission.  At the recent Zoom board meeting, we were talking about what the nonprofit industry is experiencing and while very different from my daily work, there are…

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