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Salesforce Continuous Integration on Github

Salesforce Continuous Integration is an integral practice when keeping your Salesforce Applications up to date. It allows developers to work in the same place, regularly integrating their code changes in a code repository. One tool that can help streamline that process, is GitHub. Since its conception in 2008, GitHub has become the world’s largest open-source…

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Salesforce Security Health Check – Cooking with Red

You know that feeling after you’ve just eaten a huge meal? That “I’m stuffed, and we didn’t even eat half of the food,” feeling? You know what the best part about that feeling is? There’s leftovers in the fridge. And that sandwich or mixed salad or whatever you do to make your leftovers hit just…

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Celebrating Team Everyone at Red Argyle

Our team at Red Argyle is constantly growing. Just in the past year, our Argylers have grown over 30%. Red Argyle believes in good people doing good work. With the rapid growth over the past couple of years, it could have been easy to lose that idea. The kind, hardworking, and amazing people within Red…

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