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MFA for your Salesforce System Admins

With so many options and questions around Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we wanted to share some important information about securing your most privileged Salesforce users: System Administrators. It’s important that your System Administrators are required to use MFA. It’s also highly recommended that you do not enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your System Administrators. In the…

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Summer 2021 Aplaus Volunteer Day

“Philanthropy is the greatest drug” – Marc Benioff We’re very happy that we’ve been able to learn from Salesforce’s leadership, notably with their stance on Organizational Philanthropy. When Red Argyle joined the Salesforce Partner Program in 2011, we also aligned with the 1/1/1 pledge. Since then, we’ve donated 1% of Red Argyle’s time, revenue, and…

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TrailheaDX, while not Salesforce’s main event, has still been an incredible resource for our company over the years. We even had the opportunity in New York City a few years ago when our CEO Garry Polmateer and one of our Senior Developers Nathan Stevens got to present at a TrailheaDX event in 2019. It is…

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