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Wherefore Art Thou, Salesforce Security Token?

A client contacted me a few weeks ago asking how to reset their Salesforce security token. This is pretty standard fare in the Salesforce administration department…or so I thought. After logging into the org as an administrator and logging in as the client’s user specifically, we both determined that the “Reset my Token” function had,…

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Using the Salesforce Security Health Check Tool

The Summer ‘16 release included a number of Salesforce security-related updates that provide enhancements to existing security measures, better encryption of data, and improvements to login security. Encryption and security measures were also extended to Lightning, which is good news considering the focus that Salesforce will place on Lightning from here on out. See the…

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Trailhead: The Salesforce Learning Platform

Google used to be the only way to figure out a Salesforce-related problem. You’d have to Google a keyword and then comb through the results, with links to Salesforce documentation and websites like StackExchange. But the times are changing, and there’s a relatively new Salesforce learning platform that provides a more hands-on approach: Trailhead. Don’t…

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Salesforce Workbench: Part Two – Object Browser

“What the heck is the name of that child relationship?” I swear this question is responsible for 90% of my visits to the Salesforce Workbench. When I’m in “developer mode,” negotiating object relationships in complex SOQL queries, I need quick access to relationship names, picklist options, and data types. Enter the Workbench Object Browser.    …

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