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10 Years

Starting a business happens in a moment. Choosing to start a business can take a lifetime, and there is never a perfect time to start. Such is true for Red Argyle, which celebrated its ten-year anniversary on approximately November 15, 2010. Approximately? Yes – somewhere, in a county clerk’s filing cabinet and a copy-in-triplicate in…

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This is Team Everyone

2020 tested Red Argyle in many ways. We worked harder than we ever had before in wake of the uncertainty that this pandemic brought us. And we’re still standing, we’re still growing and it’s all because of our amazing team. Above all else, Red Argyle holds this value to be true: we put people first. …

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Red Argyle takes the RIT Career Fair

Red Argyle recently hosted a session at the RIT Career fair to discuss our co-op program. This hour-long session turned out so great – we felt like we needed to share it with the world. Take a deeper dive into Red Argyle’s history, projects we work on, culture and more! Interested in working at Red…

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Tragedy in our Hometown

On Wednesday, September 2nd, footage was shared by the Prude family in Rochester, New York, that Daniel Prude died after asphyxiation during an incident with the Rochester police department.  The medical examiner ruled it a homicide.  This incident occurred two months before George Floyd’s similar demise.  Rochester is in the metro area right next to Red…

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