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Promotions + Org Alignment = Excited Times at Red Argyle

Red Argyle has recently experienced exciting times of growth and alignment for the company! We promoted eight people that we believe are the embodiment of what makes an Argyler an Argyler. Their initiative, hard work, and daily mojo make them perfect leaders for this amazing team. 

Because of the promotions and incredible work from the rest of the company, we were able to better align our teams in order to expand on the Salesforce Ecosystem for our clients! The new change reiterates our commitment to Team Everyone, our culture here at Red Argyle that recognizes not one person is responsible for the success of our company; we are a culmination of many pieces, put together to form something great.

Previously, three practices were delivering Salesforce solutions: Consulting, Development, and Configuration.

Over the last 10+ years, Red Argyle’s project portfolio has grown in size and complexity. To maintain our momentum and ensure our clients continue to be excited to engage with Red Argyle, we’ve re-aligned our company to better integrate the Project Management practice and the Quality practice. 

  • By integrating and emphasizing our Project Management practice, we can bring a more efficient level of organization and service, while elevating development and configuration to another level. 
  • A Quality practice formalizes and reinforces our commitment to meeting client expectations. We also wanted a way to create more teamwork and collaboration amongst the people who build on the platform. 

The results of the re-alignment are below:

A new Client Services Division has been formed and will be the home of the Project Management, Consulting, and Quality practices. These practices have always been committed to ensuring our work aligns with our customer’s expectations, but under this new structure; we’re looking to put a deeper emphasis on customer experience. The best projects are delivered when everyone is aligned, and this new structure will allow us to do just that.

The newly formed Quality Practice will bring together current and future Argylers to support our delivery teams with additional rigor on quality best practices and processes. These Argylers will be embedded within Delivery Teams throughout all stages of our project lifecycle and customer engagement activities. Expect more to come from this practice in the near future. 

This new Client Services division also gives current Argylers opportunities to grow and take on new challenges! 

  • Vinu Vijayan, previously Director of Consulting, is now VP of Client Services. 
  • In order to help support and lead the new Client Services Division, the following Argylers were also promoted: Eliza Hammer Gage, now Director of Consulting, and Stephanie Hardy, Director of Project Management Operations. 

Now, what’s up with the changes on the right side of the org graphic? If we combine the Development and Configuration practices, we get a new Engineering Division!

Our Development & Configuration practices are joining forces under the Engineering division to identify new opportunities to innovate and amplify solutions provided to clients.  Salesforce as a whole is continually promoting features leveraging “platform first.”  By combining our Salesforce geniuses under one roof, it creates even more collaboration space to dive into Salesforce. Hence, a new, unified engineering department! 

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the great work that our Argylers do every day. We are incredibly honored to be here amongst these Argylers, knowing very well the hard work they and previous Argylers have put in to get to this point. 

Kudos to all the team members that we have been so lucky to work with throughout the years. Congratulations to all those who received promotions! But we are not just celebrating promoting within Red Argyle, we are also celebrating Team Everyone, highlighting the fact that it took everyone’s hard work to get to this new service alignment. 

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