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Proud to Announce – High Five! is Live on the AppExchange

High Five

This application has a funny story. Late in 2012, I was asked to post to the Salesforce community blog.  I wrote this article about the five fields every Salesforce instance should have.

As it turns out, I got some feedback, folks thought I was on to something.  They asked me “Hey, can I get the 5 fields?”.  So, I did the thing any Salesforce ISV partner would do, I turned it onto an application!

So here it is, hereby dubbed “High Five!”, THE 5 fields every Salesforce instance should have, along with a few bonus reports, FREE and ready for installation on the AppExchange.

I love how we were able to take an idea, “Appify it”, and get it posted to share with the world in a very short period of time.  Sure, it’s a simple application, but simple or complex, the process is the same.  Idea to market quick and not having to build the infrastructure!

If you install the application, I’d love to hear your feedback or if I can make any enhancements.  Have at it!