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Red Argyle COVID-19 Update

As management at Red Argyle, the safety of our team and their families is our highest priority.  The Omicron COVID variant is spreading rapidly around the world. Red Argyle is taking precautions to keep our team healthy and safe and minimize impacts to projects.

  • NY Governor Hochul’s “Mask or Vax” Mandate is being extended from January 15 now to at least February 1 in light of current conditions in the state.  Red Argyle will keep our offices open at this time, having elected to enforce the vaccination mandate established in December 2021.
  • We continue to abide by the New York “Hero Act” which includes provisions for office sanitation, air quality, and capacity.
  • In-office attendance remains optional at the discretion of Argylers and we will be operating offices at reduced capacity as our team weighs their individual risks and minimizes contact.
  • Our technology and processes have been optimized for in person or remote work and we are thankful that we can transition as needed with zero impact.

We recognize there are many factors beyond our control given how contagious this variant is and recognize the increased risk of infection to everyone. To that end, we are developing contingency plans in the event our projects or management capacity is impacted due to COVID.

  • In the event a key staff member tests positive for COVID, or is otherwise impacted, client project contacts supported by that staff member will be notified within one business day.
  • Our project teams will assess the impact of the staff member’s potential unavailability and plan contingencies assuming a two-day, five-day, and ten-day absence and communicate this to impacted customers.
  • Contingency plans may include all options up to and including a pause of the project, which may become necessary if multiple team members on the same project fall ill.
  • Red Argyle’s position is to encourage our team to use PTO to take care of themselves and recover from COVID or use PTO be available as needed to focus on being a caregiver.
  • We will be checking in with customers periodically both to share Red Argyle status along with understanding any customer side impacts so we can partner as effectively as possible over the challenging weeks to come.

While we hope we can avoid project impacts, we will work to be ready and have a plan communicated and in hand to act upon should the need arise. 

Thank you for the continuing partnership and we sincerely hope there is little or no need to execute any of these plans, but if there is we will do our best to work through it, together.