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Red Argyle: Ranking on the Inc. 5,000 List!

Today I’m proud and excited to announce that Red Argyle has been accepted into this year’s Inc, 5000 List!  What an exciting time for Red Argyle and we’re overjoyed to have been accepted into this list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America!

Red Argyle’s growth has been fantastic over the past 3 years, with a 242% increase in revenue which puts us at number 1767 on the list.  We are excited to not only make the list but almost be in the top third!

This achievement was not made in a vacuum.  First and foremost, I’m thankful to Red Argyle’s fantastic customers who have allowed us to partner not only on a project, but over the years, and as they’ve grown so have we.  I’m thankful to the team at Red Argyle for the superhuman effort they’ve contributed to sustaining this level of growth over 3 years.  I’m thankful to the team at Salesforce for building and maintaining the best CRM platform in the world, in addition to providing us unwavering support as one of their partners.

This honor has happened at an interesting time in our evolution as a company.  2020 marks Red Argyle’s 10 year anniversary!  What better time to put a stake in the ground and say we’re starting our “break out” as a world-leading Salesforce partner?  

2020 has not been without its challenges either, but we have stayed on plan, both through “Operation Everyone” where we pledged to have no COVID related layoffs for 90 days, doubled down on keeping our customers happy and thankfully have been able to continue to hire and grow our team.

To close – we’re overjoyed to be included in the Inc. 5000 and fired up about where we’re heading.  Huge thanks to our customers, team, and Salesforce!

Red Argyle ranked at #1767 with a 242% growth in revenue.


  • Helen Tatarek says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! The old adage “hard work and loyalty pay off”. Best wishes for the future. I am sure that you will make more happen.