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Ashley’s Favorite Salesforce Spring ’15 Admin Updates

The weather in Western New York is not yet showing signs of spring, but Salesforce is! The Salesforce Spring ‘15 release notes are out, which means a bunch of reading in our future. At Red Argyle, we like to pick out a few of our favorite release features to talk about. Last week you heard from Zach on his favorite features, which mostly focused on the development side of Salesforce. Today I have a few admin-focused Spring ‘15 features to share:

Visually Automate your business processes

I was able to check out how the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder works at Dreamforce this year, and it looked pretty helpful for admins. In the Spring ‘15 release, the process builder will become generally available. The process builder will allow you to create processes visually on one screen instead of using multiple workflow rules. These are some of the things you will be able to do with the process builder:  create records, update any related records, use a publisher action (now called quick action) to create a record, send email, post to Chatter, and submit a record for approval.

Note that this is not available to test out in the Spring ‘15 pre-release. It will be available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Create or Edit Records Owned by Inactive Users

Moving forward, all users with create or edit permissions will be able to edit records owned by inactive users. This may be a small change, but it can save some serious time if you’re working in a Salesforce org that has inactive users. With this change, you won’t have to reactivate them in order to update records owned by them.

This feature will be available in all Salesforce editions.

Retain Field History with Field Audit Trail

This is a really exciting new feature. We have several clients that need to be able to track field history for different data points. With Salesforce Field Audit Trail, you will be able to define a policy to retain and archive field history data for up to 10 years. This is a huge help for any company that needs to comply with industry regulations related to data retention.

This feature will be available in Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer and Editions. There may be an extra fee associated with it. For detailed information, check out the Field Audit Implementation Guide here.

Search for Additional Items in Setup (Beta)

The advanced setup search bar can now be used to find assignment rules, custom buttons, and custom links. This is a simple feature with a high impact. Being able to search for custom buttons and links is a huge user interface improvement.

There are lots of other updates listed in the spring ‘15 release notes that we’re looking forward to, but what about you? Let us know what admin features you think are going to be most helpful with the Spring ‘15 release.