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Another Reason to Move to Lightning: Sales Path Rocks Our World

If you’re like most Salesforce Admins/Users, you haven’t quite yet made the full jump into Lightning Experience. And that’s okay. It’s hard to move away from something you’ve known and loved for so long. (We love you, Salesforce Classic!) But I’m going to add weight to the scale that’s beginning to lean very heavily in…

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Multiple Developers in a Salesforce Org: Tips for Avoiding ‘Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen’

There are loads of Salesforce developer guides and Trailhead courses that can teach someone how to be a good developer in Salesforce, but one of the things that I was never fully prepared for was working in a Salesforce org alongside several other developers. Being a lone developer is easy–you alone make changes to the…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Salesforce Governance

In my recent post on Salesforce Org Health reviews, I talked about the conversations I’ve been having with our customers about keeping their Salesforce orgs running not only smoothly, but optimally. Another topic that’s come up a lot lately is Salesforce governance. That term might sound scary, so I’ll try to boil down a few concepts…

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