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Salesforce Security Health Check – Cooking with Red

You know that feeling after you’ve just eaten a huge meal? That “I’m stuffed, and we didn’t even eat half of the food,” feeling? You know what the best part about that feeling is? There’s leftovers in the fridge. And that sandwich or mixed salad or whatever you do to make your leftovers hit just…

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The Rise of the Accidental Admin: 14 Things to Consider

With the rise of has come the rise of the “Accidental Admin.” What is an Accidental Admin, you ask? An Accidental Admin is the person in the company who has traditionally been good with technology and so administration is added to their responsibilities. Sometimes they are given training and sometimes they are expected…

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Using the Salesforce Security Health Check Tool

The Summer ‘16 release included a number of Salesforce security-related updates that provide enhancements to existing security measures, better encryption of data, and improvements to login security. Encryption and security measures were also extended to Lightning, which is good news considering the focus that Salesforce will place on Lightning from here on out. See the…

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Lightning Experience – Making the Transition

By now, it’s likely that you’ve heard about Salesforce’s new user interface, Lightning Experience. Lightning has been in the works for some time (We even blogged about it back in 2014–clearly, it has come a long way since then!). Now it’s being iteratively rolled out as part of the usual Salesforce release cycle. That means…

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Validation Rules: You Better Check Yourself before you Wreck…a Whole Lotta Stuff

I love what the Salesforce platform can do. One of its many strengths is validation rules, which allow you to define custom logic and error messages to ensure data integrity. These are a great asset for any Salesforce Administrator’s quiver, and, when used properly, can be very effective. However…just because you can, does not mean…

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