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The Rise of the Accidental Admin: 14 Things to Consider

With the rise of has come the rise of the “Accidental Admin.” What is an Accidental Admin, you ask? An Accidental Admin is the person in the company who has traditionally been good with technology and so administration is added to their responsibilities. Sometimes they are given training and sometimes they are expected…

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Trailhead: The Salesforce Learning Platform

Google used to be the only way to figure out a Salesforce-related problem. You’d have to Google a keyword and then comb through the results, with links to Salesforce documentation and websites like StackExchange. But the times are changing, and there’s a relatively new Salesforce learning platform that provides a more hands-on approach: Trailhead. Don’t…

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Blazing a Trail to Certification with Salesforce Trailhead

As I continue my journey toward Salesforce certification, I’ve found myself using a variety of resources to gain the knowledge and experience I need to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. If you Google the phrases “Salesforce certification” or “Salesforce training,” you will be inundated by results ranging from online study materials to Salesforce Help…

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The Case for B.U.Y.S. (Back Up Your S#%t)

A commonly heard expression at Red Argyle is the acronym “B.U.Y.S.,” which lovingly stands for “Back Up Your Shit,” or more importantly, backing up our customers’ shit. If anyone who reads this was around in the early 2000s you might remember this: In all seriousness, data loss is no joke. The goal of this…

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