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The Case for B.U.Y.S. (Back Up Your S#%t)

A commonly heard expression at Red Argyle is the acronym “B.U.Y.S.,” which lovingly stands for “Back Up Your Shit,” or more importantly, backing up our customers’ shit. If anyone who reads this was around in the early 2000s you might remember this: In all seriousness, data loss is no joke. The goal of this…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Salesforce Governance

In my recent post on Salesforce Org Health reviews, I talked about the conversations I’ve been having with our customers about keeping their Salesforce orgs running not only smoothly, but optimally. Another topic that’s come up a lot lately is Salesforce governance. That term might sound scary, so I’ll try to boil down a few concepts…

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Move to Production Like a Pro

In my travels, I’ve come across many, many Salesforce orgs–some in great shape and well ordered, some quite chaotic and struggling with adoption. Almost always, the ones that are struggling with design and adoption are what I consider an “amateur” built org. By amateur, I don’t mean that the person didn’t know what they were…

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