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Try this Web-to-Lead Form Trick on Your Next Salesforce QuickStart

This web-to-lead form trick is for all you Salesforce professionals who, like me, have run into this recurring situation: Web-to-lead forms that are configured to capture a person’s name and demographics, but lack the ability to provide greater contextual information on the lead.   Let’s back up for a second to this important overview on…

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Creating ZIP Files in Salesforce

I was recently tasked with the challenge of creating ZIP files in Salesforce and saving them as attachments on records. In case you didn’t know, Salesforce doesn’t natively support doing this seemingly simple task within Apex. That means I was left to come up with a more clever solution…   The goal of this particular…

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Why Painting a Room Makes Me Think of Salesforce…Home Improvement-Inspired Ramblings from Garry

Today I painted a room. While I was painting, which tends to be a fairly relaxing activity for me, I had a lot of thoughts going through my head about the similarities between executing a home improvement project and a Salesforce project. So, without further ado, welcome to the Twilight Zone of extreme metaphor! (queue…

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