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Another Reason to Move to Lightning: Sales Path Rocks Our World

If you’re like most Salesforce Admins/Users, you haven’t quite yet made the full jump into Lightning Experience. And that’s okay. It’s hard to move away from something you’ve known and loved for so long. (We love you, Salesforce Classic!) But I’m going to add weight to the scale that’s beginning to lean very heavily in…

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Wherefore Art Thou, Salesforce Security Token?

A client contacted me a few weeks ago asking how to reset their Salesforce security token. This is pretty standard fare in the Salesforce administration department…or so I thought. After logging into the org as an administrator and logging in as the client’s user specifically, we both determined that the “Reset my Token” function had,…

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Validation Rules: You Better Check Yourself before you Wreck…a Whole Lotta Stuff

I love what the Salesforce platform can do. One of its many strengths is validation rules, which allow you to define custom logic and error messages to ensure data integrity. These are a great asset for any Salesforce Administrator’s quiver, and, when used properly, can be very effective. However…just because you can, does not mean…

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JIRA Subscription Emails

At Red Argyle, we are heavy users of JIRA for project management. We use JIRA for tracking everything from client work to internal projects to blog posts. JIRA allows us to clearly define steps for each project and to group tasks into manageable sprints when necessary. Red Argyle’s project management process has improved vastly since…

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