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Why We Track Time

“Get your time sheets in!” is possibly the phrase that is most loathed by employees. It conjures up thoughts of micromanagement, hyper-accountability, Big Brother, the system, and the Man bringing you down. Let us not forget the dreaded rejected time sheet, the adult equivalent of a bad report card, which spirals into a seemingly neverending…

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Tools For Rapid Software Prototyping

When designing the user experience for a website or web app I prefer to work directly in the browser. Creating interactive pages avoids the sometimes laborious steps of creating wireframes or static mockups. These static methods of design can also create issues down the road. After one of our clients has approved the wireframes and…

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Free Tools for Salesforce Admins

Given that Salesforce Admins are often thrown into many situations I wanted to share with you some free tools that will help you get what you need done. Let’s start by looking at Process documentation. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how complex a process is until you lay it all out in a flow diagram. To do that here the tools that can help you better document process flows.

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