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The Rise of the Accidental Admin: 14 Things to Consider

With the rise of has come the rise of the “Accidental Admin.” What is an Accidental Admin, you ask? An Accidental Admin is the person in the company who has traditionally been good with technology and so administration is added to their responsibilities.

Sometimes they are given training and sometimes they are expected to learn as they go. The following is a short list of things that should be considered the foundation of a being a good admin and when followed is the basis for a healthy solution.  

Top 14 admin standards all admins should follow:

  • Always use Standard Objects as intended.
  • Never use Custom Objects to replace Standard Objects.
  • Try to never rename Standard Objects.
  • Always consider and use the correct data relationship when creating objects (Master Detail, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many, Lookup).
  • Always use Declarative Features before writing code.
  • Always lean on the simple solutions before considering a complex approach.  
  • Always document as you go, so make sure Fields, Objects, Workflows, Reports, etc. have meaningful names and make sure everything has a description.
  • Field Labels should always match API Field Names. Never rename just the Field Label always do it together, no matter how painful the cleanup work is.
  • Know what fields should be tracked with Field History Tracking and turn it on.  
  • Have a pattern to page layouts so that a user moving between tabs does not have to figure where things are located on each page.
  • Make sure Related Lists, Tabs and Search Layouts are updated to reflect workflow by showing meaning fields and sorting as needed.
  • Nothing new to production, always use a sandbox and deploy changes.
  • Always understand who, how and when changes are being communicated to the users.

Following those 14 admin standards, you’ll find that you should easily be able to handle any admin requests that come your way. If you think you need some more guidance along the way though, contact us to see how we can help.