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TrailheaDX, while not Salesforce’s main event, has still been an incredible resource for our company over the years. We even had the opportunity in New York City a few years ago when our CEO Garry Polmateer and one of our Senior Developers Nathan Stevens got to present at a TrailheaDX event in 2019. It is a great event in person but because of the circumstances, Salesforce has done an incredible job to make it is just as informative and engaging virtually. 

What is TrailheaDX? 

TrailheaDX is a Salesforce event mainly tailored to Admins, Developers, and Consultants who are actively building on the Salesforce Platform. All events and presentations are focused on features, new changes, or updates to the platform led by industry experts. Most of the time there will be demos so you can see for yourself how things are changing. It is a great way to stay up to date on the ever-changing platform that is Salesforce. If you are a seasoned expert or just starting out on the platform, TrailheaDX is a great place to virtually stop in and learn. 

On top of all of the useful information that comes out of this event, Salesforce often has a special guest at the end, like they do with most of their events. In the past the likes of Trevor Noah and Stevie Wonder have made guest appearances! If you haven’t already, you can register at this link. More questions about the event? You can drop a comment below or check out Salesforce’s TrailheaDX event information link

How We’re Watching

It’s been a long year for our team, so we’re using this as an excuse to celebrate a little bit and get together in our office (while abiding by health and safety protocols). Have some food, have some laughs amongst good people and share some knowledge together in person.

Our directors have made agendas of TrailheaDX sessions that team members should join based on their position. Our Config/Admin team, Dev team, and Sales and Marketing team will join different sessions to inform themselves on what is changing and what is new. We want to make a conscious effort to take away key points from this event in order to best be able to utilize the platform for ourselves, but more so for the people we’re implementing Salesforce for. So if you aren’t able to join this year’s TrailheaDX or are just looking for a high level overview of it, stay tuned for our follow up pieces that will be highlighting some key points from our ’ takeaways from the event. 

Sessions We Will Be Attending

Note that you are not limited to these sessions. These are just the sessions our team will be attending based on what our directors think will be helpful for our team specifically. 

Our Dev team schedule:

Admin Team Schedule:

  • 1 PM: Sales Cloud Solution Design
  • 2 PM: Einstein Bots
  • 3 PM: Decluttering your Org
  • 4 PM: Enhancing your CRM with Einstein AI