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Why We Became a Heroku Partner

Red Argyle recently migrated several apps from an existing provider to Heroku for one of our clients – and we couldn’t be happier.

Simply put, Heroku is a platform for building, deploying and managing applications. It is probably best described by comparing it to how we used to develop, deploy and support apps in the days before Heroku.

Before Heroku

  1. Build an app.
  2. Find a server. Hope that the server is reliable. Hope that the server is configured in such a way that our app will actually run on it.
  3. Figure out how to get the code for the app on the server. Forget FTP credentials. Call tech support.
  4. Figure out where to put the database that the app needs to store all the data. This often means repeating step 1.
  5. Deploy the app. Use the hope-and-pray method of performance monitoring.
  6. Determine that, based on said hope-and-pray method, that there is a performance issue. Somewhere. Maybe with the web server. Maybe with the database server. Maybe the connection between them. Maybe with something else that we don’t understand.
  7. Endure occasional panic-stricken cold sweats and sleepless nights.

With Heroku

  1. Build an app.
  2. Check a box to enable a database.
  3. Check a box to enable performance monitoring.
  4. Deploy the app.
  5. Watch the logs from the monitoring app.
  6. Push buttons to increase performance throughput.
  7. No sweating. Nights are for sleeping.

As you might expect, we prefer the latter. Heroku eliminates all the tasks that have nothing to do with building an app, allowing us to focus on what’s important: the app itself.

It’s this freedom that’s allowing us to dive into much more challenging and exciting projects than we would have in the past. No matter the language, integration points, scale or complexity, Heroku has our back.

That’s why we became a Heroku Partner – we firmly believe in Heroku’s capabilities and direction, and have committed to running all of our applications on the platform.