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We solve Complex, Custom, Weird Problems

About Red Argyle

We are a custom Salesforce development studio specializing in almost everything Salesforce. We enable organizations to implement in ways that extend and tailor their apps and integrations to get the most from their investment. Tom Patros founded the company in 2010, followed by Garry Polmateer a year later. While our team is small, we are a mighty group of 35 gifted and dedicated staff. Currently, our offices residing in two main locations; Albany and Rochester, New York. As the team continues to grow, we continue to stand by our core business motto, “Rooted in Great Work,” to aid in purposeful solutions for our clients, large and small, nationwide.

Since our inception, we’ve placed a focus on consulting and developing for the ecosystem — And that’s all we’ve been focused on.  This strategy has been a successful strategy as we’ve efficiently and expertly executed on more than 1417 Salesforce projects (as of Oct 2020) for some of the top Salesforce customers in the world.

Complex. Custom. Weird

There exists a tight little niche in the world for building magical Salesforce applications that defy the market — where both the core CRM does not have the correct functionality and the AppExchange ecosystem simply offers zero solutions. This is our sweet spot. 

Our strategic advantage has everything to do with knowing the Salesforce platform inside and out. So much so, we don’t even flinch when asked to build those custom, weird applications. Okay, so maybe we’ve flinched a little bit… One, maybe two times tops. 

We double-dog dare you to challenge us with your specific need and see if we can’t make it happen at a surprisingly affordable price point. 

Values, We Live Them

Earlier, when I mentioned our business motto, “Rooted in Great Work,” it’s not just a saying we came up with. We put a lot of effort into trying to define what it is that makes us who we are. We believe those special ingredients are three simple acts: being Transparent, Articulate, and Purposeful. When we embrace and demonstrate these three acts, we root ourselves in Great Work. 

Transparent — Share knowledge and news (good or bad) openly and honestly. 

  • As a Company: share the vision, goals, challenges, health, and weaknesses of Red Argyle with everyone.  
  • As a Team: share your work, successes, and failures. 
  • As an Individual: share your skills, commit to how Red Argyle does work, support the processes, and call out opportunities to improve. 

Articulate — Explain it plainly and clearly. 

  • As a Company: explain Red Argyle’s Method of doing work. 
  • As a Team: explain the direction and expectations to your fellow Argylers. 
  • As an Individual: explain your approaches and results. 

Purposeful — Solve the problem. Don’t feed the passion. 

  • As a Company: solve the next rung up Red Argyle’s ladder of growth. 
  • As a Team: solve the challenges, together. 
  • As an Individual: solve yourself. No, really. 

Finally, as a company, we give back. We have committed ourselves as a member of the pledge 1% network. We donate 1% of our time, 1% of our revenue, and 1% of product to nonprofit work.  

Work With Us

We believe there is really no good reason for your work to be crazy and stressful. To that end, we have embraced an ethos of calm.

Flexibility is Calm 

No one at Red Argyle has a “normal” work schedule, yet we all have enough overlap with each other to get work done. “Body in Office at Time” matters much less than people being comfortable about moving in and out of work as their schedule demands. 

Not Working is Calm 

Everyone has goals and pursuits outside of the office. To us, personal development and growth are as important (if not more important) as professional growth. Leave the office for a mid-day workout. Get out early Fridays for wall climbing or hitting the ski slope. Work Saturday mornings because your kids have basketball practice. You have our full permission to make yourself a better human being, even if it dips into “working hours”. 

Forty Hours is Calm 

Yes, sometimes we need to “bust it” on projects, but death marches are dumb. Per the goals above, the math checks out if people work 40 hours a week and drive project work to “done”. Also, a funny thing happens when you have time to focus and recharge yourself: you end up doing better work. 

Wanna join us? 

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