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Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting

Did you just get your Salesforce licenses and you’re not sure where to start? We can help you realize your investment by getting your customer service team up and running in a short period of time. With our Service Cloud Consulting we can help you get your most important Account, Contact, and Case data, and sales users up and running. Every industry and company benefits from awesome customer service. We understand that no two companies are alike and customize our consulting services to best fit your needs.


  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Guidance from Salesforce experts
  • End user training with real-world examples

Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting Services:

Discovery Session 

In this session we work collaboratively with you to understand your business goals, organization structure, and current Salesforce implementation. The key to any discovery session is having a defined customer service process and understanding case escalation, and we will help you build or refine that process in this session so that it can be implemented in Salesforce.

Salesforce Configuration 

Based on your goals and desired use, we will customize your instance of Salesforce to suit your customer service needs.

We handle configuration of the following Salesforce features:

  • Home tab
  • Accounts, Contacts
  • Cases
  • Activities
  • Reports

Configuration Checkpoint/demo

Based on the findings in our discovery session and configuration, we will do a walk-through of the customer service process in which we go over the data entry touch points and get your feedback.

Salesforce Report Creation 

Based on your customer service process and reporting needs, we will create the reports you need to get insight into the data that Salesforce will house for you and increase visibility into your cases.

Service Cloud Training – End Users

We bring our Sales Cloud training materials and experience, and you provide the staff. In this session we train employees of all levels so they understand how to utlilize the Sales Cloud based on your process and expectations.

Additional Salesforce Consulting Services:

  • Customer Data Import
  • External Case Capture
  • Advanced Case Queues
  • Service Level Agreements

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