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Organize your Salesforce org’s automations for a low-code future with Flow-first best practices.

Red Argyle is excited to introduce our latest offering: Unify! We’ve packaged our analysis experience, technical best practices, and repertoire of Flow components into a suite of services that focus on bringing Flow-focused order to automations in your Salesforce org. 

The days of disparate workflows, process builders, and triggers in your org could be over!

Thanks to Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 release introducing new Flow capabilities, we are able to align more automations to Flow than ever before.  Unify is Red Argyle’s Flow-first approach to organizing Salesforce org automations by re-examining and re-tooling your Salesforce org with a consistent approach that brings order and confidence to your org’s automations. 

The Unify Approach

First, we produce the Unify Report. We inventory your current Salesforce org automations. We catalog all pre-existing workflows, process builders, validation rules, Flows (including, Subflows, Invocables and other Actions), and Apex Triggers (and the code therein). Our team analyzes this catalog of automations in a sandbox to identify redundancies, performance risks, and best-fit opportunities to apply our methodology. At the end, we send a comprehensive report of findings, including the cataloged components and the optimized approach for each component to organize your org. This report also outlines the path forward to complete the work of reconfiguring, testing, deploying, and monitoring your org.

Second, we deliver the Unify Project. With your permission, we get to work systematically reconfiguring your org in alignment with our Unify methodology, documenting the changes for your internal teams, testing updates to ensure business continuity, working through your governance procedures to ensure a successful production deployment, and aligning with your support team so they are informed of the changes that will occur.


  • Can you convert everything to Flow in a Unify Project?

    Not always. While we are a bunch of overachievers and strive to get the A-Plus-Gold-Star in every org, some things just don’t Unify to Flow as readily or efficiently. This list continues to shrink, but the usual suspects include complex integrations where Salesforce acts as the hub of these integrations. Also, very-large data processing jobs (for example, nightly batch jobs touching millions/billions records may not be the best fit for Unify. Finally, while the gap is closing, some complex business processes cannot be completely aligned end-to-end with Flow (but many parts of it might).  We’ll be open and honest in our report about what’s in and what’s out for your Unify project.
  • Can I hire Red Argyle to produce the Unify Report, only? My internal team can run with the findings.

    Absolutely. We work with many organizations in architecture and advisory capacities, supporting their internal teams of analysts, administrators and developers. If your organization has these skill sets on staff, we’re happy to produce the report and back up your team.

    That said, we are pretty good at delivering Unify Projects, with a team that lives and breathes Salesforce and a toolbox filled with dozens of years of experience. We often find we can work alongside internal teams, focusing on Unify while other features are delivered on-schedule by your internal team.
  • How long should I expect a Unify Project to take?

    We strive to analyze and deliver our Unify Report within two week of a start date.

    Completing the Unify Project is completely dependent on the complexity identified in the Unify Report. You should anticipate a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks for a Unify Project.

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