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Red Argyle is a Preferred Partner. Our 3 Consultants and team of Salesforce experts maximize the site’s performance for our clients by accessing, filtering, and compiling valuable, relevant contact information from both Dun and Bradstreet and’s Connect database. That means you get clean, organized, and targeted contact information for prospective new business targets–positioning you to make informed, data-driven decisions and take strategic action:

  • Identify and Target New Accounts
  • Conduct Whitespace Analysis
  • Analyze the Market and Segment Customers
  • Plan and Align Territories
  • Score and Route Leads
  • Build Revenue Roll-up Reports

Red Argyle does more to help you get the most out of your investment. We automate common Clean and Prospector tasks. We develop custom-tailored experiences to help users efficiently search and match Leads, Contacts, and Accounts using the Match API and Search API. We build custom visualizations for international organizations using’s new DUNSRight™ API to provide a clearer view into the global hierarchy of potential clients and contacts.

Take a look at some recent projects the Red Argyle team has completed:

  • Automatic Clean Function for a Global Security Software Provider
    Whenever a Lead is entered in the system, is queried and custom logic determines the best match for that Lead. Fields are conditionally backfilled on the Lead based on specific criteria. This enhancement greatly reduces the workload of sales staff by automating what was otherwise a very time-consuming, manual task.
  • Enhanced Matching and Cleaning User Interface for a Network Hardware Manufacturer
    The custom user interface allows staff to analyze Lead data despite lacking key data points required by’s standard Clean function. Users can now search for both companies and contacts at the same time with many different data points, then update Lead records based on the results. This project ultimately evolved into Red Argyle’s Match Me Salesforce application (see below).
  • Automatic Clean Function for a Software Provider
    In this case, the goal was to always locate the Domestic Ultimate D-U-N-S Number and apply details from that organization onto the Lead. The result not only saves staff time but also increases Lead accuracy.

If your organization has reached the limit of efficiency and utility of out-of-the-box, Red Argyle can help you go even further.

Match Me for

Match Me is Red Argyle’s first product offering for It is an enhanced user interface for searching and matching contacts and companies. Match Me expands on’s standard Clean capabilities by allowing you to match leads against companies, in addition to contacts, so you can identify the right company to pursue even if you don’t have the right contact information.

Match Me for


This fully customizable app is available exclusively from Red Argyle. If you’re ready to take a tour of Match Me and see for yourself how it can empower your sales team to do more with the platform, contact us today.