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Davenport Group High Five! Case Study

Davenport GroupClient:

Davenport Group, a Saint Paul, MN-based Dell Premier Partner and certified women-owned business, serves businesses ranging from the public to private sector, including Fortune 1000 companies and state and local governments to create strategies for storage management and data recovery.



  • Reviewing sales in QuickBooks to see if account managers had reached their sales goals was time consuming, clumsy, and not always accurate.
  • They wanted to pay closer attention to active customers and spend less time with customers that hadn’t made a purchase in 36 consecutive months.
  • There was no way for account managers to easily see the total spend of their customers.

The Solution:

Davenport Group started using High Five!, a Salesforce app by Red Argyle. High Five! has five fields that improve opportunity visibility: Date of Last Won Deal, Count of Opportunities, Count of Won Opportunities, Total Value of Won Opportunities, and Win Percentage. These are added to the account object, enabling quick visibility into these key sales metrics. This means your salespeople can view from the account record, increasing productivity without clicking through screens of reports.

High Five! also includes four reports that capitalize on these new metrics: Top 25 Accounts, Neglected Accounts, Repeat Customers, and Winningist Accounts.

The Result:

Time Savings – As a result of using High Five!, Davenport Group can now log in to Salesforce and quickly see which employees have reached their bonuses for the month. An email notification is also triggered when employees have reached the threshold for their monthly bonuses. This saves an average of two hours of work each month.

Increased Efficiencies – Using the Neglected Accounts report, Davenport Group can easily see which customers haven’t made a purchase in the last 36 months and shift their energies accordingly to focus on active customers. Employees can also quickly view the total spend of their customers.