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Salesforce’s Electronic Signature System

Signatures are an important part of every legal and business process. Making the switch to an electronic signatures system allows to you to to keep up with the pace of today’s ever-changing business environment.

Electronic Signatures

Red Argyle is an Adobe EchoSign partner. Adobe EchoSign is a simple-to-use process that enables you and your business contacts to sign documents electronically. Simply  create documents in Salesforce, then immediately send them out for electronic signatures.

Benefits of Using the Electronic Signature System in Salesforce

  • Faster & easier than printing, signing, and mailing
  • More secure than traditional methods
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Legally binding

How the Salesforce Electronic Signature System Works

Documents that are created in Salesforce can be sent to customers with the click of a button. When a customer receives the document via email, they just type their name where prompted and Adobe EchoSign creates a legally binding electronic signature. Adobe EchoSign instantly sends the signing party a copy of the document for their records. The system also sends you a notification when other parties have signed the document and automatically stores all signed documents in Salesforce.