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5 Fields your Salesforce Instance Must Have

Give your sales people the analytics they crave, right from the account record! This app has the 5 key fields that will open up opportunity statistics from an account, along with 4 reports of awesomeness that take advantage of these fields.

  • Discover your top accounts
  • See what accounts are producing and winning deals
  • Report and see what’s worth your time and effort

This app has two things in it:

#1 – Five fields that improve opportunity visibility: Date of Last Won Deal, Count of Opportunities, Count of Won Opportunities, Total Value of Won Opportunities, and Win Percentage. These are added to the account object, enabling quick visibility for these key sales metrics. And that means greater productivity from your sales people, who can now avoid all that clicking through screens of reports.

#2 – Four reports that capitalize on these new metrics: Top 25 Accounts, Neglected Accounts, Repeat Customers, and Winningist Accounts. These are the foundation for great analytics.

High Five! gives you the building blocks you need to start providing great sales analytics. With High Five!, the sky is the limit–your sales people will have greater visibility into sales data and you can watch the high fives fly!

Want to learn more about how High Five! can help you? Check out how our friends at the Davenport Group are using it to increase their business efficiencies.

Install High Five! from the AppExchange.