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Communications, Media, Tech

Red Argyle’s experience in Communications, Media and Tech, has focused on this thing, this thing, and this thing. We continue to deliver innovative projects that challenge industry norms and evolve the Salesforce platform in ways never expected.


Ad Placements

Red Argyle works with Media corporations to design processes and organization in the constantly changing and hectic space of television scheduling. Scheduling different content means having to use Salesforce for visibility and alignment of information between all parties. 

A client of ours works with agencies to assign and schedule commercials and infomercials for the entire quarter in Salesforce. Scheduling commercials versus scheduling infomercials take two separate forms. Scheduling infomercials is specific. It is meant for businesses to be able to target their specific market. When scheduling infomercials, there needed to be a availability view per quarter, with specific dates and specific time slots. While commercial scheduling is some of the same, still scheduling per quarter, there is a little more leeway to date and time. For commercials, there needed to be an option for businesses to buy a number of commercials anytime during a specific week, between certain time slots (i.e 9 a.m-6 p.m).  spot takes up. 

The organization uses two different pages to track the scheduling of commercials and infomercials. Before we came into the organization org, they were only scheduling commercials in Classic using visual force. Around the same time, they saw a need to have a custom UI that allows them to have a view of all scheduled and available time/day slots for infomercials, which involves different aspects of content (i.e. time, information, price). Red Argyle created a completely custom Lighting Web component to track the scheduling of infomercials. We also created a new LWC to schedule commercials in a sandbox by utilizing an intricate and detailed form of documentation.


Delivery Services 

One of the emerging technologies in the 21st century are delivery services. There seems to be different types of delivery services for a plethora of industries and situations. Our situation, delivery. Different types of delivery services are on the rise and companies are beginning to try to utilize these emerging technologies to maximize delivery efficiency and minimize costs. 

A client came to us that was quickly emerging in the space of drone delivery. They weren’t using Salesforce and needed a way to track three main issues. One, they needed to track who was ordering things, where they were ordering from and what they were ordering. Two, they needed to be able to track incoming leads (people who wanted to use their services). And three, they needed a space for everyday communications. Using Salesforce, and utilizing Salesforce amenities like Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Studio, we were able to streamline communication within the company, track incoming leads, and mitigate customer feedback and complaints. 

One of the key pain points that this client came to us with was that they were working in three different continents. This made the need for a 360 degree view of all of their necessary data and information vital to their business process. 

Key Salesforce Technologies: Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Social Studio

Health and Life Sciences

Red Argyle’s experience in the Health and Life Sciences (HLS industries) has focused on drug development, medical device technology, and public health experiences. We continue to deliver innovative projects that challenge industry norms and evolve the Salesforce platform in ways never expected.

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Red Argyle works with world-renowned pharmaceutical brands to design and deliver clinical trial and quality management systems to support the drug development lifecycle from early-stage trial through study, risk, and vendor management, using Salesforce as the system of record and hub for collaboration through the drug’s lifecycle. 

Over time, clients continue to expand their adoption across drug development teams with our support not only as their Salesforce platform experts, but also as their process consultants and product designers, helping to build a robust, repeatable, and adaptable system as new drugs are identified and new teams come onboard. 

Red Argyle developed a tool that generates documents that outlines the process of a drug’s development lifecycle. Working with teams across the world, the tool allows the team to track all resources that have been outsourced to research or manage the molecule. The collection of data and automatically generated documentation means that teams are always ready for audit.

Teams are able to easily track the flow of information using out of the box functionality like flows with security, dynamic forms, page layouts and record types. Reports and dashboards built in Tableau evaluate the performance and viability of vendors based on the number of issues raised relative to their contributions.

Key Salesforce Technologies: Service Cloud, Mulesoft, Tableau

Medical Studies and Participant Support

Red Argyle has been fortunate to work with organizations at the vanguard of medical advancements who are seeking not only to develop life-changing therapies and devices but also to make those products accessible and affordable to those who need them.  We transforming non-scalable data models into reliable systems that facilitate agent efficiency and project management with Salesforce’s Service Cloud Lightning. Stringent security models and flexible user experiences allow for rapid management of data visibility which assures scalability and security well into the future. This model allows for easy administration, reduced errors, and enhanced security as the number of unique projects increases and compliance requirements grow in complexity.

Key Salesforce Technologies: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud Lightning, Marketing Clouds

Public Health and Government Services

Red Argyle has been involved with local governments with public health initiatives for over ten years. We partner with local agencies and work alongside experts in the fields of mental health, social services, and criminal justice. We have developed Salesforce platform applications and communities for emergency referral intake, housing placement, prison inmate education and psychological support, and criminal records data-sharing platforms. In addition, our team has vast experience working with non-profit and B corporations and the dynamics that exist in these environments with respect to budgets, project velocities, and stakeholder alignment.  

Key Salesforce Technologies: Customer 360 Platform, Communities