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Punch: An Employee Time Tracking App from Red Argyle

Punch is a Chatter-based application that easily lets your employees “punch in and out” as well as make notations about their status. Think of it like an electronic in and out board for your office, but without the dry erase crumbs everywhere.

Punch for Chatter

It has never been easier to keep your coworkers up to date on where you’re working and when you’re available. In an ever-growing mobile and remote workforce it is common to have employees in different locations and time zones. Now, with Punch, you can stay up to date and plan projects accordingly.

See What Punch Users are Saying

“We needed a way for our increasingly mobile employees to easily update their statuses and keep co-workers informed about their whereabouts. Punch definitely filled the need. Salesforce integration with easy access from the Sidebar as well as the Chatter App for smartphones was icing on the cake.”
– Michael Nguyen
   Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc.

Free Trial

With Punch from Red Argyle you keep your employees engaged in Salesforce and make it easy for them to communicate their office status without changing applications. To help gain adoption of Punch and demo it to your company, we are offering a 14-day free trial with 5 licenses! During your free trial period, Red Argyle also provides support at no cost. For more information and to install Punch from the AppExchange, click here.

Read the Punch Release Notes here.