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Managing Images in Salesforce with Pic App from Red Argyle


Looking for a way to easily insert and manage images within your favorite document merging program? Pic is a simple app that enables you to maximize–and simplify!–your use of photos and other image files in all the top document merging programs. Learn More »




Red RestoreEver need to find a Chatter group and restore it from archive status? Has your limited-use Chatter group run its course and you want to archive it now? With Red Restore we make archiving or restoring as easy as checking a box! Learn More »



High FiveGive your salespeople the analytics they crave right from the account record! This app has the 5 key fields that will open up opportunity statistics from an account, along with 4 reports of awesomeness that take advantage of these fields. Learn More »



RRT_GRIT_RGBGreat customer retention doesn’t happen by accident! With the Red Retention Toolkit by Red Argyle we give you several custom fields, calculations, reports, analytic snapshots, and a customer retention dashboard. Learn More »



Pnch_GRIT_RGBPunch is a Chatter-based application that easily lets your employees “punch in and out” as well as make notations about their status. Think of it like an electronic in and out board for your office, but without the dry erase crumbs everywhere. Learn More »