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Customer Retention Dashboards for Salesforce

Great customer retention doesn’t happen by accident! With the Red Retention Toolkit by Red Argyle we give you several custom fields, calculations, reports, analytic snapshots, and a customer retention dashboard.

Red Retention Toolkit












  • Track Customer Retention Over Time
  • Automate Customer History
  • Establish Baseline for Additional Report Logic
  • View a Dashboard Outlining Retention Metrics
  • Create Snapshots of Data
  • Report on Current Customers / Former Customers
  • View Length of Time Customers Have Been Customers


  • Salesforce Enterprise Edition
  • Salesforce Unlimited Edition
  • Salesforce Developer Edition

The Red Retention Toolkit enables customer retention reporting, instantaneously or over time, in 30-, 90-, and 365-day increments. It employs a formula and workflow logic on the Account level to tag customers, prospects, and former customers.

Reports and analytic snapshots are provided on top of the base account data, rounding out the toolkit and capturing account data on a monthly basis for further analysis and review.

This toolkit is ready to go. It is 100% native on the platform. It will require some configuration work, security review, and customization to match your business processes, but provides all the big pieces to track the complexities of retention.

Install the Red Retention Toolkit from the AppExchange.