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Salesforce Integrations

Red Argyle’s Salesforce integration experience runs the gamut from basic, manual data migration to sophisticated multi-step, multi-system orchestrations. We help organizations develop the middleware between their existing systems and Salesforce and move the right data to the right place at the right time.

Our approach and process varies based on individual client environments. Here’s a quick look at some recent Salesforce integration projects we’ve worked on and the tools involved:


Daily Data Import for a Hotel Chain Using Salesforce Automation

The hotel chain’s room management system uploads dozens of raw data files to an FTP server. A nightly task on Amazon EC2 pre-processes the data into a readable format, and then Jitterbit Data Loader retrieves the data and pushes it into Salesforce. This approach has eliminated the previous process of emailing spreadsheets and having a full-time staff member compile data from dozens of spreadsheets.


Salesforce Automation: Data Archiving System for a Human Services Referral System

Whenever a record is created or updated in Salesforce, a Salesforce Outbound Message is sent to a Heroku web application. Heroku then processes the data into a Postgres database. The resulting data is a permanent, queryable, and editable version of the native field history tracking.


Quote Updates from ERP to Salesforce for a Manufacturing Company

This custom Salesforce integration set up Jitterbit to read data from an FTP server every night. That data is pushed into Salesforce as a generic “Import” object. Batch Apex and Triggers then process this imported data into the final records desired. This use of a generic ”Import” object has allowed us to repeat a similar pattern for several other integrations and turns Salesforce into “middleware” for data processing, logging, auditing, and notification.


Salesforce is designed to deliver results, and, when done right, a Salesforce integration can enhance your business’ processes, improve the way your staff works, and grow your bottom line. Integrating in a customized way that works for your business is where Red Argyle comes in. We understand that the right integration is the one that is molded to fit your organization and can be managed by you. Our integration projects follow a rigorous discovery, planning, testing, and delivery process. Contact us at Red Argyle to discover what a custom-tailored Salesforce integration can do for your business.