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Making The Salesforce Platform Work For You

Implementation Services

This is where so many of our complex, custom, and weird stories start coming together. You have needs, and sometimes Salesforce will get you pretty far on its own, however, there will be times when you just need a bit more to get the most out of your investment — we’ll put the pieces together, working with your team to write the most comprehensive specifications to get you there faster than you can say Snuffleupagus! We do work with the following:

  • Salesforce Platform
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud (Communities)
  • Einstein Analytics (Tableau CRM)
  • Maps
  • myTrailhead

…to name just a few.

Consulting Services 

Not sure where to get started with Salesforce? Or perhaps you’ve gotten off the starting blocks, but now you’re not sure where to go from here? No worries kid, we got ya. With our many years of experience across hundreds of projects, we’ve been there, done that enough to quickly assess, design, and architect solutions that will keep your Salesforce investment healthy and secure.  

Custom Development 

We’ve been here before too. You know that place. That place where you’re scratching your head, searching up and down the Appexchange. There just has to be someone out there who’s run into this same use case you can’t seem to overcome. Nope. Nothing. Nada. 

This is the time you’re going to call us. Together we can extend your Salesforce functionality, leveraging the features you already love while building a whole new set of lovable, unique solutions that will make you the hero of the office! By customizing a solution, you will extend the capabilities for your Salesforce investment and return balance to the force, leaving peace, harmony, and custom field contentment for your users. 

Think you’ve got a complex, custom, weird idea you need to bring to life? Consider the challenge accepted. Bring it. 

Integration Services 

Stop using duct tape and chewing gum to connect your core applications. We have the superpowers to natively unify your Salesforce applications to enhance user workflow, merge information, and exponentially increase the value of your associated technology stack. Defining the proper tools and architecting a clear strategy is paramount, whether its implementing MuleSoft, on-prem systems, applications, devices, and/or proprietary information architectures, we will execute a comprehensive plan that solves for each appropriate use case.

Scholarship Services

Overwhelmed by the elaborate business process that is trying manage scholarships? If you don’t have one singular place to keep track of all of the data you need (and we know it’s a lot of data), things can get messy. Things can get lost. If you’re wondering if there is a better way to streamline your work flow, we have a few ideas.

We build custom student portals, we streamline scholarship application processes, and we simplify business flows. Whatever your business may need, we have an intricate, organized and detailed way of working with you to better utilize your org and tailor it to your company, your partners, and students. We provide a way for you to work, communicate, and stay up to date with all parties.

Support Services 

We know how hard it can be to find good help sometimes, especially when it’s short term to bridge a gap with staff augmentation, or even ongoing. We have the capacity to accommodate the managed services you need to keep your Salesforce support team aligned, and healthy. We can scale to complement your in-house team as needed to supply bandwidth or provide expertise as needed. 

Seriously, you’re quite literally an email away or a call from receiving the help you need. Reach out, we’re here to help. Contact us today.